Thursday, 23 January 2014

Review: Fudge Urban Colour Hair Chalk

My Tumblr is overflowing with pictures of girls with amazing colourful hair: pastels, neon brights, mermaid-like ombre effects, you name it. However, I've never quite plucked up the courage to go colourful on my own hair. What if I didn't like it? What if I messed up the colour? With the arrival of hair chalks I finally had the perfect opportunity to try a bright shade on my hair for one night only just to test out the waters.

The Urban Colour hair chalk by fudge comes in a little domed pot that you're meant to rub over your strands, then seal in with some hair spray and enjoy until it's time to wash your hair, which is when it washes off without leaving a trace.
I'll admit that the application process was a lot more difficult than I envisaged. For a start you can't just rub it over your hair, you need something to hold it in place and really, really work it into the strands. Cue bright pink messy hands and clouds of pink chalk everywhere. Make sure you've got a towel spread around your shoulders for this if you don't want to ruin all your clothes!

My biggest worry was that the colour might rub off onto my clothes leaving me with telltale pink smudges all over the back of my top! Fortunately, that didn't happen and there were no suspicious stains giving away that my new hair colour was anything but permanent. Unfortunately the bright fuchsia I started out with faded very quickly and left me with just a baby pink after just a few hours. It helps a little bit if you use a texturising / salt spray beforehand to make the chalk grip the hair strand just a little better.

One hair chalk was enough for two applications from about halfway down my shoulder-length hair. I did really like the effect, even though I really wish the colour would stay bright for a bit longer without fading. I'm still not sure if I'd take the plunge and permanently dye my hair pink (maybe just a light dip dye?), but for just one night, this lets you have a great bit of fun experimenting with colour.

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