Friday, 31 January 2014

Review: Boots Natural Collection Wild Strawberry Bath Cream

In this horrible grey weather there are few things more comforting than soaking in a warm bath filled with scented bubbles. I was a little lost for inspiration of what to put in my bath when I stumbled across this bottle of bubble bath in Boots.

What made me take it to the till immediately was the amazing smell. Nothing at all like artificial bubble gum like strawberry, but instead a really fruity, slightly zingy scent.

While it created a nice amount of foam in my bath, the scent wasn't quite as intense as I'd hoped. It would be great for someone who prefers subtle smells, but I for one like to be literally cocooned in a scent. Lush bath bombs tend to just hit the spot for me, but this one is a lot more subtle in comparison.

All in all, this is more of a cheap and cheerful product - it's certainly nowhere near as luxurious when it comes to moisturising the skin or being strong on scent as its more high end counterparts, but sometimes just a little bit of fruity foam will do just fine.

Boots Natural Collection Wild Strawberry Bath Cream retails at £2 per bottle and can be found in Boots stores as well as on their website here.

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